Nitidin believes in responsible and fair reporting of facts gleaned from credible sources after due checks.

It is not aligned to any group, formation or organisation- be it social, religious, business or political and, therefore, will not allow itself to be vulnerable to any such external influences.

Nitidin respects the privacy and reputation of individuals, institutions and organisations and refrains from any attempt by to tarnish or question their image without sufficient and foolproof evidence.

Even in such cases where allegations or accusations leveled against any individual or organisation are to be reported in the larger public interest, the affected party/parties will be given full opportunity to present their viewpoint and counter arguments.

Nitidin has resolved to stay away from pursuing any agenda of any kind, tabloidisation or twisting of facts, sensationalism and crass-commercialism.

Nitidin stands for the rights of the disadvantaged / marginalised groups viz – women, children, tribals, dalits, minorities etc. by projecting their grievances in order to generate social awareness about their problems and difficulties.

While Nitidin will avoid tabloidisation, yellow, frivolous and sensational journalism – it would strive to project role models across social groups and fields viz athletes, writers, creative persons, actors, professionals etc. so that they serve as role models for society particularly for the youth through our media.

Nitidin stands for clean, healthy and ethical journalism and adheres to the standards and guidelines as prescribed by the Press Council of India from time to time.